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Related article: Date : Fri, August 6, 2004 February 17 EDT 03 From: Tommyhawk1 aol. com Subject: The Broken Window The Broken Window by Tommyhawk1 AOL. COM WWW. TOMMY HAWKS fantasy world. COM " Hey, come on, pasta, pasta, pasta! " Billy said. The sun bright, the sky was clear, the weather was warm but not hot, that the afternoon, went to his friends, all in both teams, one day perfect, a great day for a baseball game ! And again the next success was, he calls to the right of the park! Well, from the parking lot playing in some way. Not a big of performance, but with a baseball, which was very good. At this time, he game appealing to the other team, with only fifteen boys from both teams, had to bend positions during his time at bat. But heck, everyone plays fair, on a day like today, it was fun to catch and run for only n and throw and hit, and this made ​​it more than I would have complete equipment \\ \\ n Winslow, thman and the bat in the second shot enough to connect a first base and let the man in the second to third to get! He was next to hitter when he landed a direct hit and his team four points! Law, yeah! bat was taken from the earth, stepped on the plate, bent through gritted teeth, the image of a child's story of thirteen in a game of pick -up ready, blasted the ball so hard! Tommy raised his arm, lifted one leg back and then forward and threw the ball hard ! Billy swung the bat and was a solid, satisfactory " cra - ack " as the bat met the ball and they were right! flew and Billy left the bat and started running, but it was s look at the basics, I was watching the ball, in this beautiful ball fly higher and higher up and out and out and out and down, yes! is remove the fence, easy to clean, yes! It went all the way the alley on the other side of the fence,yes! It was on the fence to go to Across was the street itself,... Oh, no! felt the looming disaster, even before hearing the noise, the sound of Broken Glass. It was a great sound, even with lots of volume and strength, a sound deep amazing. Oh, no! No! NO! Suddenly his two teams of fifteen players in baseball scared the children turned, looked at each other. " Oh, man! " Tommy said to them all. "Billy, what we do " "You have to go talk to him. " Said Billy. "We have to talk to him. " " I do not go there! " Said Winslow. "Me neither! " " This is Mr. Milburn place! " Charley put it "I mean, really means " " driving a truck. " "They took my brother and was a dog barking at him. " " Mean man, Milburn. "Stated another. You saw him, saw Billy. Those who do not seek dig at his feet, toes on the ground. "Each of you now see me? I asked. Having Tommy, n it was not able to look at the eyes. " Not even you,Tommy? "" hit the ball. " Someone said. I was looking for Tommy, so no , who said, my voice was too weak. But everyone seemed to , agreed. " in order. "Said Billy. ' Good. I'll talk to him all that I am, , then! I I have no fear. " But it was. Gee, what should you do ? I had to tell him that Mr Milburn, who had to pay for the glass. He approached the Preteen Bikini Models curb, had to go around the fence , through the alley and the house. was as walking on tiptoe, every step hurt, a lot of damage ! had to do the movement of all connected together by sheer force of will, it was as if he did not was really of his body, was like riding inside, and it was all unreal, totally unreal. the door met him, he walked, was the door to Preteen Bikini Models enter depends him. so if, as he was to open, he was not sure that surprised. Inside the door, Mr. Milburn. God, was as ugly as all other had said. the use of a pair of n dirty blue jeans, and t-shirt, skin tight in the chest is broad, armpit had looked at Preteen Bikini Models both sides. There was a shadow of a beard - on his face, his eyes were sunken in their sockets, and his hand was large as he picked it up and showed its contents to Billy, when Billy drank hard and looked at the baseball in hand, and then to the face. ", is the ball?" 'I asked. " Yes, sir. " Said Billy. " You broke my window. " Growled Mr. Milburn. " I know, Lord, and I'm sorry. " Said Billy. "I'll pay for it, really. " " to pay for it, huh ? " Mr Milburn said. "You know how much the window " " No, sir. " Billy thought it was bold, " Twenty dollars ?" That would be all his pocket money for a month, but... " Try hundred and sixty. " Milburn said. " Huh ? " Billy was surprised. He had gone with his father in the hardware save y... "Nuh -uh ! " He protested. "They sell the glass hardware n ten or fifteen dollars, too! " " Yes ? " Mr. MilburnHe said. "And how big are the glass windows," held Billy his hands about six inches apart. "This large. " "Come and see that the window broke. " Billy recalled how the noise was so great that it seems, , and his heart sank. Mr. Milburn was leaving, and he stopped, turned return. "Well, come on! " Grunted again. "Take a look at it. " Billy and went down the hallway and living room room. "Oh, my God! " He breathed, as he saw it. The window was huge, about four Preteen Bikini Models feet high and nine feet. and right in the center was a large hole in the ball had come to by accident. Hole lines in all directions emanating window now a separate series of triangles rather than just through the held window - post. " You see the chaos? " Mr Milburn said abruptly. " Yes, sir. " Said Billy. "Sorry, sir. " " I'm not buying a new window. Is better than having your father and tell him to come. " his fathere! Oh, God! "Lord, do not call my father," Billy asked. "I 'll pay for it, frankly, I want to give me some time, sir, I can pay some every week. " "One hundred and sixty dollars, boy? " Mr. Milburn looked at him. "No have much money. No one lives here has that kind of savings money n. His father probably not much money. " You may not know, Billy, that he and his mother struggles with \\ \\ n money Preteen Bikini Models all the time because they were always struggling to pay all. Sometimes not even five dollars for your Grant ! Dad handed him a note and have to borrow money from the boys at work to give. Made him feel dirty, with money from him n Then shook the shape of the lower lip of his father as he delivered the money! N "I could work for you. " Billy offered. "You do things for you to cut turf, or something. " "You? " Mr. Milburn was surprised. "Work for me? Hell, boy, what can do for me, it would be worth a hundred perND EE sixty. UU. dollar? "" I do not know. "Billy admitted. " But I'll do anything, sir, what at all! ""Ha! "Mr. Milburn laughed, an explosion of sound full of mockery n. " I have to pay only twenty dollars for my pipes cleaned on Saturday the night! " twenty dollars. " I was able to clean the pipes. "Billy voluntarily. The do not know what happened, but if Mr. Milburn made ​​every week to do. " Every week, my Lord, for eight weeks, I would, right? " Mr. Milburn suddenly saw him hard. " You know what I means cleaning the pipes ? "" No, sir, but.... "" If you do not know what it is, as you know, you can do ? "" I can try. "Said Billy. Mr Milburn looked at him and then laughed. " Well, son, n If you want to try, then I try. "" at this time ? "" at this time. "Mr Milburn said. " And here the right. ' "here? "Billy looked around. There were no lines here y... Looking back, Mr Milburn was unbuttoning their pants. came to and... "Here is the tube, boy. I get it ? " Mr Milburn cock was huge, too soft and would get up, if to fill. Billy looked at her, swallowed hard. "I haveto clean this up ?" 'I asked. " If you want to make twenty dollars, that boy. Hey, it was his idea remember? I can always call instead of your father. " ", what should I do? " Said Billy. " Clean? With a towel? " " No, son, that are clean in the mouth. Lord God, you really that stupid? I thought the kids were smarter about sex, as these days, when I said, clean the pipes, I always thought a blowjob, suck me out, sipping on my cake. Get it now, my son? "" Yes, sir. "said Billy. " So we have to understand that? " Said Milburn. "Whether in his knees and to start working on it, or your father here, and I say, I n a section check. " "Twenty dollars to do it, huh ?" Said Billy. "Once a week? " " Yes. " Mr. Milburn moved its tail in Billy. and Billy took a step and fell to his knees. "I think it else better to start, huh ? " Touched Y her lips around his penis and fat and dropped the penis on the tongue and inside. " Holy Christ, son! " Mr. Milburn caught his breath. Billy took the cake and go with thick lips and let was taken in hand and looked up. " I can do the job then ? Twenty dollars, as you said ? " Mr Milburn snorted. "You have a cock in her mouth, okay. Well, , sucking good enough for a value of twenty dollars? " He smiled mischievously. " I can try. " Said Billy bravely. " Then do it. " Milburn said. " Come on, baby, I understand! " Billy 's huge cock leaned back in his mouth and groaned Mr. Milburn over again, as he did. " Sure, come on, boy, suck my man 's tail. Sabor s what a real man holds between his legs, baby! " Slid Billy by his thick lips and across the tail. I had to do a good at this task, had to! Dad paid for victorywindow, safe... but then Billy hear about it while Dad n retained its allocation to pay their. Five dollars at the same time, gosh, it was a time to pay hit a ball so hard! After all, they do not taste as bad bite, that can do this. no Mr. Milburn thought so, took Billy 's head, and growled, "Damn, baby, move faster than this", and he resisted head Billy back and forth hard and fast. And I laughed and said : Billy tries best he could, and complained to Mr. Milburn "Now more so if you want twenty. ". "Oh, shit, yeah, that little shit, yeah, Suck My Dick, pay that broken window, a small s son of a bitch!" Wine hard hands, with horns and grabbed his head, but this time Mr. Milburn growled, upon receiving the check on Billy 's head again. Billy suffocated, like the huge dong was locked in the back of her throat, as it has moved getting faster, hitting the roof of your mouth, the flaccid penis mushing against parts soft, salty PreCom sMearing upon him, said, leaving his home in a position where he could not lick or eat or all. " Eh, eh, yeah, man, shit, yes!" Growled Mr. Milburn. " Ah, fuck, , yes, I will go, little cunt, I will come Uh, uh, uh, uh, unhh " He pushed even harder now that Billy was almost suffocating, but n may not with " Oh, fuck yeah, yeah, uh, guh, uh, guh, guh - HNNNKUHHHH " Mr. Milburn Billy groaned and was drowning now. Hot salty cum ran down her throat, at the bottom where they could do nothing but swallow. He choked bombed, sperm got into the trachea and stayed there, and coughed s and sperm spat on the nose and nose, burning its way, and neither Mr. Milburn pumped to come to him. " GUH, KUH, GUH, eh, MUH, eh, eh! " Groaned Mr. Milburn after pud was all neck shot Billy packages. "Oh, shit, boy, yes. " poor Billy was trying to blow and snort cum blast all of nostreILS, so he could breathe, and managed his own way, , was fully sprinkled and Mr. Milburn is full of Jism. When Mr Milburn quit, he fell to the ground, wiped his face with hand and arm, hot milk stains everywhere as it did, and dried and soaked in, what the smell, feel they are covered. Billy coughed hard and cum came through the trachea and spits him, looked at Mr. Milburn. " Well, boy, this is how a man clean the tubes. " Mr. Milburn said. "Twenty dollars -. cleaning pipes, leaves you because of me a n one hundred and forty of the window" Billy smiled as he hid n spent his pud in his pants again. "I mean, I do it again, seven times? " Billy dismayed. " This is the price. " Milburn said. " But if you put behind them with, I'll let you come again tomorrow, and you can clean the pipes back to me. " " Oh. " Billy got up, sniffed and wiped the nose again. "I GUEss. "" Hey kid, get used to it. "Mr Milburn said almost kindly, for n him. He smiled too big for him, too kind. " You learn to suck Well, I 'm going to keep Sun 's head "She paused and then said: " O can I can clean my pipes in the other direction. " " I'll think about it. "Said Billy. " I can go now? Will you call my dad? " " I will not call unless it is shown here after school tomorrow. " Mr Milburn said. " Yes, sir. "Said Billy. When he started walking out, Mr. Milburn that bears his name. " Hey, boy, Do not take it so bad. You can even get there. To complete the payment In this window you can earn some money to spend. " Billy came out and waited for Tommy. " Hey, Billy, what s going on? "He said. " What did he say, what has he done? " He called. " I looked in the y... window What have you got? "" He lets me work out. "Said Billy. " I have to go after school. " " You can not play ball with us? "" Oh, yes, no take for long. You can still do even if n was worth it. " " Cool! We bought some new gloves and stuff! "Tommy said. ' You have the Ball? "" Sure. "Said Billy. " Then come, let's play ! ""Very good! "Billy said, and the two boys ran to the next plot. It s not exactly the end of summer time is not END comments, complaints or suggestions? by E -mail the author at Tommyhawk1 AOL. COM WWW. TOMMY HAWKS fantasy world. COM
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